K.M.S. Art | About

My name is Kim Mari Strzykalski and I am the creator/owner of K.m.s. Art. I am so excited to share my photography and fine art with you. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts ­ from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Painting and Drawing degree. I have always loved the camera and taking photos of friends and family. In 2009 I decided to venture out and start K.m.s. Art and it has continued to grow. Over the several years I have been so blessed to be able to share special moments with my clients and create images that they can proudly hang in their home.

I was so fortunate growing up to have a family that creates anything from cooking wonderful food to painting. I grew up with a Great Grandmother that sewed clothes and did other crafts, a grandmother that started with oil painting and even in her last days she paint watercolors in her kitchen, and my Mother who quilts and sews beautiful items and has taught me everything I have learned about cooking, which is one of my most fun things to do. I remember going to art shows and spending the day with my Grandmother and talking about art and other fun things. Whether it’s painting or taking pictures, I love to create something special that makes people happy.

This last year I decided to focus a little more on Fine Art. My fine art photography includes macro, landscape and outdoor images that can be hung in a home or office. Many of my images are meant to be produced on a larger scale. The bright vibrant colors and tones make a statement when showcased in a home and bring a smile to anyone in the room. 

Painting and drawing has been my core art and I am planning on bring more of that back into my world. My paintings are usually abstract, larger scale with motion and fun colors. Great pieces of art that will help bring a room to life.

As for portrait photography, I focus on natural light and bringing out my subjects own beauty and personality. If you are looking for a photographer for family, wedding or senior sessions please check out my portrait portfolio.

I look forward to sharing my images and creations with you. Thank you for visiting K.m.s. Art.